Thank you for visiting the Peg-y-Don website.

This is the first post of what is likely to be a fairly sporadic blog. Its purpose is to share some background to Peg-y-Don and to introduce the website.

The background

We (Ali and Joe) have been coming to Newport for over 40yrs and always dreamed of owning a small corner of our heaven. We viewed what was known as ‘The Professional’s House’ last August and fell in love. We knew the golf club fairly well, not as golfers but as fans of The Cat Rock Cafe, having enjoyed many drinks watching the sun go down. We had also marvelled, over the years spent on The Parrog, at the fact that the golf club has an amazing tendency to be bathed in sunlight in the late afternoon, however bad the weather may have been during the day. It really is a micro climate within a micro climate.

The stars aligned and we finally completed in late February 2024. March and April was then spent working hard on renovating the property.

Here is a taste of that journey:

As always, there was a significant ‘scope creep’ in our plans and we ended up completing a very comprehensive refurbishment and the house has a new lease of life. We have tried to up-cycle some old furniture pieces but all flooring, beds and mattresses are brand new, as are all the white goods (although the fridge and oven are black!).

We are biased, but really happy with all the work and hope you will agree that it is a fantastic base to enjoy all that Newport has to offer.

As we are based so far away, Peg-y-Don is being actively managed by West Wales Property Management, so there are local boots on the ground and Gareth is on hand to answer any questions that you may have during your stay.

Why Peg-y-Don?

You may well wonder what Peg-y-Don means, but don’t spend too long trying to work it out as it doesn’t mean anything!

We grew up enjoying stays at Brig-y-Don on The Parrog, so wanted to nod to those happy days but it is also a reference to Peggy, our mad dog, who loves Newport as much as we do. We wanted a house name that sounded Welsh, but have to confess that it is just a bad English pun.

If you walk around Newport, you will notice a lot of ‘y-don’ (of the wave) and ‘y-mor’ (of the sea) house names and we wanted to join the club.

The Peg-y-Don website

This site has been published to give as much detail as possible about the property and to allow you to book a stay .

Peg-y-Don is advertised on property portals, but you will always get the best price by booking direct. Longer term, we would love to build a network of extended family and friends who can share the property throughout the year. This will be managed via this website – the booking calendar is ‘live’ so gives an accurate picture of availability.

You can also follow us at and, where we will share Newport related news and views. You are very welcome to tag us in any Instagram pictures if you want to show off how stunning Newport is to your friends.

Thank you for reading this far and we hope that you like what you see.