If you have ever spoken to anyone who has been to Newport, the chances are that they will mention the Golden Lion. Perhaps its fame is reflective of the fact that it is one of the first landmarks you will see if you arrive in Newport from Cardigan, but there is no doubt that The Golden Lion is part of the furniture in Newport, Pembrokeshire.

The first thing that you are likely to notice if you visit today is that it is not actually golden:

Golden Lion Newport review

It has previously lived up to its name and been much more Golden in colour but it has been green(ish) for a few years now. You cannot really miss it as it fronts the A487 and can be found next to Llys Meddyg (one of the more expensive choices in Newport and one that we *still* have not actually been to, but it is on the hitlist…).

Inside The Golden Lion, you will find a classic pub vibe (complete with pool table) and plenty of space. There is also a more formal restaurant area which we have never actually eaten in as we find ourselves drawn to the garden.

There used to be a stylish tepee style awning over the terrace at the front, but this is currently open to the elements:

Golden Lion Newport Terrace

Whilst this area is very nice and lovely to sit in when the sun is shining, we personally love the new(ish) covered seating area at the back of the garden. Not only is it a little further away from the road, it is a great option whatever the weather gods are throwing at you, thanks to a brilliantly disguised roof and several gas heaters.

Golden Lion Newport Garden

The area has been designed really well and we have never felt cold, whilst enjoying the ‘outside’ ambiance. It really does work well and we are hoping to eat here next Christmas.

As you can see from the (not very good!) photo above, the garden area is dog friendly, so a great option if you are bringing your furry friends. There is a wide range of rustic table options and it is not uncommon to see larger family groups, which helps build a great atmosphere. On that note, it is worth booking if you plan to eat at the Golden Lion as it is popular and will be busy, especially in the high season.

As an aside, there are some lovely decorative items in the garden. A personal favourite is this sign, which I feel sums up the whole Newport experience very well:

The Golden Lion Newport

Whilst it is a really welcoming / relaxed area to chill, you will most likely be interested in what the food is like? Of all the excellent eateries in Newport, we probably know the Golden Lion the best and always pop in for at least one lunch (we tend to stay at the house in the evenings to enjoy the views). This is probably a good clue that we really enjoy eating here.

The Golden Lion Facebook page is probably a good place to go to see a current menu, but there is always a really good range of food on offer, from pub classics to an excellent daily specials board. Anyone who has been enjoying The Golden Lion for as long as we have will no doubt bemoan the increase in prices, especially in recent times. There can be no denying that it is getting increasingly expensive, but I feel that it is a little unfair to blame the pub for the inflation that has blighted our lives in recent years. Good ingredients have soared in price and I am pleased that the food served is still excellent quality.

Here is what we ate when we were in Newport a couple of weeks ago:

Golden Lion Newport Burger

The Golden Lion Beef Burger (£17.50) – a very tasty beef burger with smoked bacon, cheese, gherkins and onion relish in a brioche bun, served with chips

Golden Lion Newport Lasagne

Homemade Welsh Beef Lasagne (£17) – a classic lasagne, served with garlic bread and a mixed salad

Golden Lion Newport Mackerel Pate

Smoked Mackerel Pate (£8.50) – a delicious mackerel pate, served with a celeria remoulade and sourdough toast

Golden Lion Newport Baguette

Chicken & Pesto Baguette (£10.50) – a very tasty baguette served with a mixed salad and slaw

In our experience, the food is consistently good and I hope the photos give you a flavour of what you can expect.

The Golden Lion is also a hotel, with smart looking rooms but we have never stayed there, so cannot comment on the hotel itself, but would be confident that it is a great place to stay, as long as you can live without the mesmerising views that you will enjoy at Peg-y-Don 🙂

To summarise, we feel that The Golden Lion definitely warrants its excellent reputation and we agree that spending time there is indeed living the good old days.